Waterproof Food Thermometer

Waterproof Food Thermometer

Pen style digital food thermometer, multi-function, easy take and use.
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Product Details

Waterproof XT300 Digital Food Thermometer

Product Introduction

Food thermometers have been designed and manufactured according to the purpose of use. The design basis is: the principle of thermal expansion and contraction; the effect of thermoelectric effect; the change of resistance with temperature; the influence of thermal radiation. With the development of society, food thermometers have been greatly improved. Nowadays, there are mainly probe digital food thermometers, such as the XT300 Digital Food Thermometer. This kind of food thermometer not only helps to pay attention to hygiene, but also makes the temperature more intuitive. It shows the temperature to people in a digital way. It is especially suitable for use in home kitchens, laboratories, factories, and barbecues.

Product Features

The XT300 Digital Food Thermometer is a useful electronic thermometer that measures the temperature of food around you in seconds. It is packaged in a stainless steel probe package and is specially processed to provide fast response and ease of use. The entire thermometer is waterproof and suitable for use in wet environments. It has the advantages of low power consumption, long life and automatic shutdown. With it, indoor and outdoor cooking will be very convenient.

Product Specification:

Temperature range: -50°C~+300°C( -58°F~+572°F)

Resolution: 0.1 °C/F;

Accuracy: ±1 °C/F;

Power supply: 1.5V (LR44*1)

Auto power off : 15 mins no operation.


"ON/OFF": switch on/off power;

"°C/F" : temperature, unit selecting;

"HOLD": freeze measured value.