Temperature Gauge Humidity Meter

Temperature Gauge Humidity Meter

HTC-1 Temperature gauge humidity meter, manufacturer directly export, welcome to order.
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Product Details

HTC-1 Digital Temperature gauge humidity meter


Basic Functions:

  • Temperature / Humidity

  • °C / °F temperature switch display;

  • The maximum /minimum temperature and humidity memory function;

  • 12 /24 hour clock;

  • The whole point timekeeping function;

  • Daily alarm;

  • Calendar display;

Product Specifications:

Temperature measurement range: -10°C~+50°C (-14°F~+122°F);

Temperature measurement accuracy: ±1°C (1.8°F);

Temperature resolution : ±0.1°C (0.2°F);

Humidity measuring range: 10% ~ 99% RH;

Humidity measuring accuracy: ±5% RH;

Humidity resolution: 1%;

Battery: AAA 1.5V

Size: 93*103*20mm

Control Button View


Back View

htc-1-back-view (2).jpg

How to Use this HTC-1 Digital Humidity:

  1. Repeal the protection film on the display;

  2. Push the battery lid as the real direction, then, replace the battery;

  3. [MODE[ switch the clock and alarm display /set the current clock time, alarm time, 12 or 24 hour display model; [ADJ] adjust the value; [MEMORY] display the highest & lowest temperature and humidity value /clear memory of the maximum / minimum temperature and humidity value;

  4. In the initial state, press [MODE] 2 seconds, the minutes and seconds will start flashing, press [MODE] switch to "CLOCK", "12 /24", months(M) and Day (D);

  5. Press the [ADJ], adjsut to the correct time and date.

  6. In the clock model, press [MODE] once, switch the display for alarm clock model (clock and minutes between tow points are not flashing), then press [ADJ] to switch alarm function.

  7. In the alarm model, without any operation, it will reture to current clock model in one minute. Then press the [ADJ] calendar display. 3 seconds will automatically return to clock model if not any operation.

  8. [MEMORY] will display the memory of temperature /humidity /Maximum(MAX) and minimum (MIN).



Model: HTC-1

Q' TY: 150 PCS /CTN

N.W : 18.2 KGS/CTN

G.W: 19.6 KGS/CTN

CTN Size: 55.5*34*53.5CM


HTC-2 indoor and outdoor temperature/ humidity is avairable.

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