Custom White Plastic Parts

Custom White Plastic Parts

Custom White Plastic Parts
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High Quality Custom White Plastic Parts OEM Molded Injection Plastic Products


Our factory could make almost all the machining parts according to clients' 2D/3D drawing or samples. Our efficent R&D team could also design and make products according to your ideas.

njection Process: From Pellets to Product

Turning plastic pellets into a perfect molded product is what we do best. It may sound like a fairly simple process, but details are everything when it comes to the plastic mold injection process. Here is a quick and simple overview of how we take your design from pellets to product. 

The first stage of the process begins by feeding dry plastic pellets, held in a "hopper", into a heating cylinder by using a hydraulic pump, motor and gears. Within the cylinder there are multiple heating zones which systematically increase the temperature of the material as it moves closer to the gate where it is injected into the tool. Each heating zone is constantly monitored and adjusted. The peak temperature of the plastic depends on the combination of materials being injected, but can reach as high as 725° F. Here at RSP, our average melting temperature of materials is 525°F. 

With the help of a stationary and movable platen, the mold is held in place as a nozzle prepares to inject the molten plastic. Next, a clamp mechanism closes the mold halves. The action is performed by a motor rated by the maximum amount of force the machine is capable of creating. Then, the molten plastic is injected into the mold as the clamp keeps the mold closed. As the product solidifies and cools down, the finished product is ejected from the mold.