Considerations for using Pencil

- Mar 22, 2018-

(1) The use of Tape before the first to check the Tape has no safety resistance, and then visually inspect Tape whether there is damage, there is no damp or water, check qualified to use.

(principle: The Tape has the resistance, has the luminous body--neon tube, the key lies in the neon tube, after the resistance step-down, there is a voltage to the end of the neon tube, forming a high potential, your hands need to contact the electroprobe end of the metal, and now you are the ground, in the neon tube has two pieces of thin wire, close, but not even, The neon gas is naturally charged with a suitable potential difference to produce glow discharge. If the voltage is too large, it will instantly penetrate the neon tube, at this time, the neon tube up insurance, will not cause too much damage to you, low voltage will be more dangerous, because the traditional electroprobe, is the neon tube electroprobe, in the 100V or so will be bright, not to the effect, the other electroprobe don't water, or you will know the feeling of electric shock. )

(2) When using Tape, can not touch the Tape front of the metal probe, doing so will cause personal electric shock accident.

(3) When using Tape, must touch the Tape end of the metal part, otherwise, because the charged body, Tape, the human body and the earth did not form a circuit, Tape in the neon bubble will not glow, resulting in a miscarriage of thought, that the charged body is not charged, this is very dangerous.

(The luminous voltage of neon tube is above 70V, the series of resistance is 500K, when testing 220V voltage, the maximum current flowing through the human body is: i= (220-70) ÷500=0.3ma and the human body through the 30mA below the current is considered safe. )

(4) in the measurement of electrical equipment is not charged, first to find a known power source to determine whether the Tape can be normal luminescence, the normal glow, in order to use.

(5) When testing the charged body in bright light, special attention should be paid to whether the neon is really glowing (or not glowing), if necessary, the other hand can block the light carefully discriminant. Do not make a mistake, the neon light is judged to not light, and will have electricity to judge without electricity.