Introduction of commercial electric digital multimeter

- Nov 06, 2018-

Commercial Electric Digital MultimeterThe electrical digital multimeter can be used not only to measure the resistance of the object being measured, but also to measure the dc voltage. Even some multimeters can measure the main parameters of the transistor and the capacitance of the capacitor. Fully mastering the use of the multimeter is one of the most basic skills of electronic technology. Common multimeters have pointer multimeters and digital multimeters. The pointer multimeter is a multi-function measuring instrument with a head as the core component, and the measured value is read by the head pointer. The measured value of the digital multimeter is displayed directly by the liquid crystal display in digital form, which is convenient to read, and some also have a voice prompt function. The multimeter is a meter that shares a meter head, a voltmeter, an ammeter, and an ohmmeter.

The dc current file of the multimeter is a multi-range dc voltmeter. The parallel closed-circuit divider resistor of the meter head can expand its voltage range. The dc voltage range of the multimeter is a multi-range dc voltmeter. The meter series resistor divider can expand its voltage range. The voltage divider resistors are different and the corresponding ranges are different. The head of the multimeter is a magnetoelectric measuring mechanism. It can only convert the alternating current into direct current through a direct current, and realize the measurement of the alternating current.