Operating Procedures for Multimeter

- Mar 22, 2018-

1, before the use of the multimeter should be familiar with the functions, according to the object of measurement, correct selection of gear, range and pen socket.

2, in the size of the measured data is unknown, should be the first range switch, placed at the maximum value, and then from a large number of processes to a small distance of the stall switch, so that the instrument pointer in the full scale of more than 1/2 can be.

3, the measurement of resistance, select the appropriate magnification file, the two pens collide to make the pointer in 0 digits, such as the pointer deviation from 0, should adjust the "0" knob, so that the pointer to zero to ensure accurate measurement results. If can not be adjusted 0 or Digital display table issued low voltage alarm, should be timely inspection.

4, in measuring a circuit resistor, you must cut off the power of the test circuit, no live measurement.

5, the use of multimeter to measure, pay attention to the safety of personal and instrumentation equipment, the test must not hand touch the metal parts of the pen, do not allow live switch switch gear, to ensure accurate measurement, to avoid the occurrence of electric shock and burning instruments and other accidents.