The test function of digital multimeter

- Mar 22, 2018-

Digital multimeter can not only measure DC voltage (DCV), AC voltage (ACV), DC current (DCA), alternating current (ACA), Resistance (Ω), Diode forward pressure drop (VF), transistor emitter current amplification factor (HRG), also capable of measuring electrical capacity (C), conductance (NS), temperature (T), Frequency (f) and an increase of the buzzer file (BZ) used to check the line break, and the low power measurement resistor (l0ω). Some instruments also have inductance file, signal file, AC/DC automatic conversion function, capacitance file automatic conversion range function.

The digital multimeter mostly adds the following novel and practical testing functions: Reading retention (HOLD), logical Test (LOGIC), true effective value (trms), relative value measurement (relδ), automatic shutdown (auto off power), etc.