How to use Waterproof Food Thermometer?

- Jun 12, 2018-

Temperature and Food thermometer

Thermometer hygrometers generally refer to thermometers

Used to determine the temperature and humidity of the environment to determine the environmental conditions for the production or storage of products.It also applies to People's Daily life.It is widely used.When there is a lot of moisture in the air, we say the air is wet.


Concept of humidity

Scientists often use relative humidity to describe the amount of moisture in the air.Simply put, imagine that the air is a towel.If you pour a glass of water, you can absorb it with a towel.But towels actually absorb more water than a cup.Maybe he can absorb five to ten cups of water.The amount of moisture in the air is only a fraction of what it can have in the air, so relative humidity is a percentage.When the relative humidity is 100 percent, the air is saturated.Like a wet towel, air can no longer hold water.Evaporation and deposition are in equilibrium when the relative humidity is 100 percent and the air is saturated.The amount of evaporation increased to reach equilibrium again as a moisture precipitate.

Water vapor is called moisture in the air.Because the molecules of water vapor are so small that they cannot be seen, people who study humidity have developed creative ways to measure the amount of water vapor.


 The history of psychrometers

Rinando, a man born in Italy in the 15th century, was the first to come up with the device to measure water vapor in the air.He put a dry piece of cotton on one side of the sky.Then he placed an object of exactly the same weight as the cotton on the other side of the sky.When dry cotton absorbs water vapor from the air, it becomes heavier and this side of the sky begins to land with a bang.The difference between two weights is a measure of humidity.


The temperature and Kitchen thermometer of the purchase can be referenced by the following factors:

Ruggedness of Cooking thermometer: the sensor and enclosure of the hygrometer should consider whether it can withstand condensation, drying, extreme temperature, dust, chemistry, or other pollution.

Quality reliability, average life of Meat thermometer : many products look and feel like they are real or fake.So when the quality is bad judgment can be starting from the overall impression, inspects the quality appraisal and factory standards, at the manufacturer's history, reputation, market share, and its application, famous brand product is better than general products, professional manufacturers of the product is better than that of the side manufacturer, without a doubt, consult other users is also a very good method.

Waterproof Food Thermometer