MAS830L Digital Multimeter

MAS830L Digital Multimeter

MAS830L digital multimeter; original factory; 2000 pcs manufacturer capacity every day.
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Product Details

MAS830L 1.8" LCD Digital Multimeter with back light


Product Information:

DC Voltage 200mV/2V/20V/200V/600V ±(0.5%) 
AC Voltage 200V/600V±(1.0%)
DC Current 200μA/2mA/20mA/200mA/10A ±(1.0%) 
Resistance200Ω/2kΩ/20kΩ/200Ω/2MΩ ±(1.0%)
Triode Measurement Yes (PNP/NPN Triode hFE)
Diode Measurement Yes
Input Resistance 1MΩ
Battery Type 9V, 6F22 (NOT included)
Max. Display 1999
Display Size approx. 45 X 16MM
Color Black
Dimensions approx. 140 x 70 x 30mm
Weight approx. 240g


    ■ Overload Protection on all ranges

    ■ Housed in a rugged rubber boot with integral stand

    ■ Low Battery Voltage Indication

    ■ Portable & Compact Design

    ■ Data Hold Function & Diode Test Facility

    ■ 20 Position Rotary Switch

    ■ Removable Thick rubber casing protects Multimeter from splashes & Minor Bumps

    ■ Measures AC & DC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance, Audible Continuity, Diode/Transistor Verification Mode