Digital Multimeter

- Mar 22, 2018-

Digital Multimeter is one of the most commonly used digital meters at present. Its main features are high accuracy, strong resolution, perfect test function, fast measurement, intuitive display, strong filtration, power consumption, easy to carry. Since entering the 90 's, the digital multimeter has been rapidly popularized and widely used in China, and has become a necessary instrument for modern electronic measurement and maintenance work, and is gradually replacing the traditional analog (i.e., pointer) multimeter.

Digital Multimeter is also known as the digital multi-use Table (DMM), its various types and different models. Every electronic worker wants an ideal digital multimeter. The principle of choosing a digital multimeter is many and sometimes even varies from person to person. But for handheld (pocket) digital multimeter, should have the following characteristics: clear, high accuracy, strong resolution, wide test range, complete testing functions, strong anti-interference ability, relatively perfect protection circuit, beautiful appearance, generous, easy to operate, flexible, reliable, low power consumption, easy to carry, affordable and so on.