The Design Principle Of Multimeter

- Mar 22, 2018-

The measurement process of the digital multimeter is converted from the conversion circuit to a DC voltage signal, and then a mode/number (A/d) converter converts the voltage analog to the digital quantity, then counts by the electronic counter, and finally the measurement results are displayed directly on the display with numbers.

Multimeter measurement voltage, current and resistance function is realized through the conversion circuit, while the current, resistance measurement is based on the voltage measurement, that is, digital multimeter is in the digital DC voltmeter based on the expansion of the form.

The digital DC voltmeter A/D converter converts the analog voltage change over time to the digital quantity, and then the digital quantity is counted by the electronic counter, then the measurement result is displayed by the decoding display circuit. The coordination of the control circuit of the logic control circuit completes the whole measurement process in order of the clock.