Non-contact Voltage Tester Pen

Non-contact Voltage Tester Pen

1AC-D Non contact voltage tester pen, with good quality but cheap price, most company purchase this item as their promotional gift.
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Product Details

1AC-D Non contact voltage tester pen

1AC-D VD02 voltage test pen.jpg

Product Information:

Voltage Sensitivity90-1000VAC
ColorBlue or Yellow
Measurement categoryCAT II,1000V
Operate Temperature-10°C-50°C
Storage Temperature-10°C-50°C
PollutionDegree 2
Operate huminity80%
Power(Size AAA)1.5V x 2 Battery
Size:150 x 109mm
Normal Indicators: Beep and flashing LED indicate the presence of voltage
Use to detect voltage in outlets,lighting fixtures,circuit breakers,wires,and cables or to find a break in a wire.
Safe,non-contact voltage detection
Packing:Standard packing: color box
Standard package quantity: 200 PCS
Standard packing size: 53X 33X44.5CM
Standard packing box gross weight: 16 kg

Product Package:

VD02 non contact voltage tester pen.jpg

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